Jardin de la Petite Rochelle

La Petite Rochelle

One of France's finest gardens in Rémalard. Its wonderful blend of differently coloured rhododendrons, hydrangeas, daphne and rare plants resembles an artist's palette. So it comes as no surprise to discover that its creator, the doughty Hélène d'Andlau, was formerly a sculptor and engraver (as well as a member of the WW2 Resistance and fluent English speaker). Wander at will or arrange a guided tour.

Further opening dates & more info: +33 (0)233 738 538

Jardin de La Bourdonnière

Le Jardin de la Bourdonnière

In Réveillon. Half a hectare (just over an acre) of shrubs, hardy perennials, grasses, rare plants, cacti and alpines spread over terraces and in secret nooks and crannies where you can lose yourself. A kitchen garden with old and new varieties of vegetables, edible flowers and herbs has recently been added.

More info: +33 (0)233 250 419

Jardin François

Le Jardin François

Visit a garden and stay there too. Based in an old farmhouse in Préaux-du-Perche, Jardin François is a mix of pastoral and contemporary styles with informal cottage-style planting and ornamental and themed plant displays. B&B is also available with eggs, milk, cheese and fruit from the farm.

More info: +33 (0)237 496 419

Château de Sassy

Château de Sassy

Step back in time with a tour of the classical gardens at this 18th-century chateau in Saint-Christophe-le-Jajolet. They were created in the 1920s by the famous French garden designer Achille Duchêne, also known in England for his water gardens at Blenheim Palace.

Further opening dates & more info: +33 (0)233 353 266.
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Jardin de la Mansonnière

Les jardins de la Mansonnière

A stone's throw from picturesque Saint Céneri-le-Gérei is Jardins de la Mansonière, one of France's finest ensemble gardens - a recent runner up in the "Best Park in France" competition. The main draw is an exquisite Rose Garden featuring around 75 varieties of the celebrated flower. But the hydrangeas and clematis, which adorn six other themed gardens including the evocatively-named Garden of the Moon, Garden of Calm and Garden of Perfume, are also second to none. It is a wonderfully atmospheric venue for musical and cultural events.

Further opening & more info: +33 (0)233 267 324

Jardin Intérieur à ciel ouvert

Jardin "Intérieur à ciel ouvert"

Contemporary garden (3000m2) created in March 2000 by the hosts, both visual artist and sculptor. Ten successive atmospheres, poetic, intimate and fun, where the wild tame alongside the lush radicalism on a redesigned site, consisting of slopes, ponds, rocks. The water is very Presents: Wild Basin newts and frogs, koi pond and exotic turtles, fountains contemporary streams enliven the garden, providing a soothing atmosphere, inviting them to the dream. 800 varieties of perennial grasses, shrubs, regional species and 90 varieties of ferns. At the bend of a trail, contemporary works surprisingly offer.

Further opening & more info: +33 (0)233 657 038

Le jardin retiré

Jardin Retiré

Started 15 years ago, created over time, born after the imagination of Annie Blanchais, this remote garden, intimate and elegant covers 2500sqm. In this romantic setting, surrounded by a hedge of shrubs and trees you can see through the seasons, grow many varieties of roses, clematis, but also hostas for their foliage, many geraniums, Heuchera, many shrubs ... The gardener does not fail to find their best roses combination to create theatrical stagings or sometimes more discrete, romantic and wild. This intimate garden is enriched with ornaments.

Further opening & more info: +33 (0)233 379 204